Jerald Cosey is an engaging and inspiring speaker. His public presentations reflect a unique blend of expertise and experience. Cosey’s delivery will leave the audience with an unforgettable lesson mingled with laughter and learning.

M. Christopher Brown II, Ph.D.

Eighteenth President, Kentucky State University

Being an effective leader under stress can be quite the challenge, and Jerald Cosey’s session at the Indiana Health Care Association was very engaging, informative and humorous, involving the audience throughout. He put several aspects into perspective while keeping our attention, and his effective use of visuals accentuated his main points. I can’t wait to hear more from Jerald on more subjects!

Angie Brewer, HFA, BSBA

Executive Director, Clinton Gardens

“JCosey Speaks” is not just a company name. It is a message in itself. When Jerald speaks, he does so from the heart and head with the intent of conveying a message that can help others in their work and personal environments. He’s not about hype, he’s about making a difference. He speaks to empower others to “not make excuses, take action to overcome adversity, and guide their own accomplishments.

Vivian Wright-Defrees

President/CEO, Success Development, inc., 2018/19 President, American College of Health Care Administrators – Indiana Chapter

Jerald has a wonderful communication style that allows him to connect so effectively with his audience. Jerald’s sincere desire is to help people to move toward being the best version of themselves by calling out such challenging emotions as worry, doubt and fear. Jerald’s faith-based orientation along with his professional experiences in pharmaceuticals and long-term care afforded him a very high level of credibility with the audience.

David Stordy

COO, American Senior Communities

I had the opportunity to listen to Jerald Cosey speak at the Indiana Healthcare Association Convention. His presentation was insightful, engaging, and most importantly I believe it made an impact on the audience. The presentation was relevant to real life situations and I was able to take away things to implement immediately. Jerald is a dynamic speaker with the ability to draw in his audience and captivate them with his genuine passion for life.

Bryanna Wegner, HFA

Executive Director, Springhill Village Skilled Nursing Home, Terre Haute, IN.

We had Jerald present this topic at our 2018 Spring Conference. Jerald is a kind, energetic speaker with a splash of humor. He was responsive, attentive and resonated with the audience, as most where his industry peers. Jerald did an excellent job and is well on his way to becoming a great professional speaker!

Katie Niehoff

Director of Education, Indiana Health Care Association

Jerald delivers a heartfelt and passionate message for all levels of healthcare professionals. His perspective as a healthcare facility leader combined with his experience as a patient captures the impact of quality care on one person’s life. As a result, our caregivers left the awards celebration inspired and ready to continue serving well.

Donna Kelsey

CEO, American Senior Communities